Why Keep a Diary, When You Can Create a Reflexive Blog?

With the launch of the Critical Perspectives II module, came a plethora of assessment methods.  And, upon viewing these methods, I almost instantaneously made my choice.  Academic blogs, and blogs per se, are used by a variety of people, for a variety of different reasons.  Kjellberg (2010) identified as part of her motivation for blogging… Continue reading Why Keep a Diary, When You Can Create a Reflexive Blog?

Strong Objectivity and Value Neutrality

My previous blog left the ‘strong objectivity’ door open… As I enter the room I am amazed as to how crowded it is in here! Harding (1995) describes, strong objectivity in simple terms as ‘learning to see ourselves as others see us’ (Harding: 204). However, as I am already beginning to ascertain, there is no… Continue reading Strong Objectivity and Value Neutrality

Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a powerful path to research and encompasses a secure directive – Research with participants, rather than on participants.  The concept is difficult to define, but the principles are aligned towards breaking down the barriers between the researcher and the researched. As a newcomer to the world of research, I am… Continue reading Participatory Action Research