Who am I… what do you see when you look at me?

When a blog is used to convey information it is often conducted in a conversational style.  Initial thoughts of writing a plan and developing a draft as with traditional academic writing, may seem extreme, however, to produce a professional blog, which needs to meet a set of intended learning objectives… now that’s a ‘whole new ball game’.

The Thesis Whisperer blogs about online identity and authenticity .  I have several identities, including those which are immediately visible to others.  I am in some instances defined, at a glance, by gender, ethnicity and possibly age, however when I speak, the sound of my voice most definitely assigns me to a particular social class.

My working life epitomizes a variety of ‘professional’ identities.  I am registered Children and Adult nurse and a senior lecturer, I am also referred to as “the one who does Mahara”. All of these identities I am comfortable with, but my new identity, I fear, will open me up to scrutiny and critique, and that is the identity of an EdD student and new researcher.

As I mentioned at the beginning, blogging is very conversational and in someways informal.  Does this mean that in order to blog for my EdD will I have to adopt a particular style of writing?  Or is it as Pat Thomson states ‘Blogging allows you to experiment with your writing voice‘.  The doctoral style of writing is not yet flowing from my keyboard, and may never materialise, but let’s see if and how my style of writing changes – if at all.



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